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Monthly meal plan

A practical monthly family meal plan for busy parents


This ebook includes:

  • 4 complete weekly nutrition menus for the whole family
  • 4 shopping lists for each week
  • Daily meal plan with three main meals (breakfast – lunch – dinner) and two snacks
  • Nutritious recipes suitable for young children and the whole family
  • Suggested products
  • Storage tips and food safety management
  • Information on children’s nutrition (tips for trying new foods, nutritional goals, etc.)

How will it help you?

The monthly program you will receive includes a complete nutrition plan, designed to meet the needs of the whole family and for ages two years and older.

But if you have a younger child, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered here as well, giving you some tips that will help you provide a properly balanced meal for younger children, even for 6-12-month-old babies.However, it is not a guide for how to offer meals (puree or BLW), how to introduce allergens, etc.

If you always ask yourself “what should I cook today?” or “how often should I offer my child meat, chicken, fish?”
If you want to learn how to prepare a nutritious menu for the whole family or how to offer a variety of foods…

Then this ebook is for you!

The creators:

Eleni Katsouli

Food blogger and kindergarten teacher, I helped design this monthly menu, offering delicious recipes for little hands, that you all have loved!

Ioanna Angouraki

Dietitian MSc. Combining the knowledge of baby and toddler nutrition with being a mother, I designed this “monthly meal plan” for you. I’m primarily here to make your life easier!

Are you still thinking about it?

This program was designed after much study and hours of work, taking into account the time constraints of everyday life, so that it is applicable and nutritionally complete.

Don’t miss the chance to get it!

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