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My First Meals + Monthly Nutrition Plan

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The package includes:

The ebook “My first meals”, in which you will find:

  • A complete menu with all meals from the first day of starting solids, for 3 full months, regardless of whether you feed ground or follow BLW.
  • The most important elements, which you should pay attention to every month.
  • Basic recipes.
  • Introducing allergenic foods into the menu.
  • Useful information on infant nutrition.

The “Monthly Diet Plan”, which you can follow after 9 months and includes:

  • 4 complete weekly nutrition menus for the whole family
  • 4 shopping lists for each week
  • Daily meal plan with 3 main meals (breakfast – lunch – dinner) and 2 snacks
  • Nutritious recipes suitable for young children and the whole family
  • Tips for storing and properly managing food
  • Information on children’s nutrition (tips for trying new foods, nutritional goals, etc.)

If you also want to completely organize your baby’s meals from the first day of solid food introduction, but also to continue to do it easily as he grows, then you are in the right place!

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