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My First Meals

Nutrition plan for 6 – 9 months


Are you about to start or have you just started introducing solid foods to your baby?

Maybe the only instructions you have received from the pediatrician is to start with 2-3 fruits or 2-3 vegetables and you don’t know how to continue after that?

If you are also wondering how you can provide a balanced diet for your baby, once again we have the solution for you.

In our new ebook “My first meals” you will find a complete nutrition plan for the first 3 months of introducing solid foods (6-9 months).

Yes, you read that right! 

All the meals.

For 3 whole months! 

Regardless of whether you chose BLW or ground.

In the program you will also find the introductions of allergenic foods, the goals for each month, useful information on infant nutrition, but also some basic meal recipes, with many alternatives!

*This ebook is addressed to the general population and not to children with allergies, other medical conditions that require a special diet or groups of people who follow a restricted type of diet.

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