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My First Meals + Monthly Nutrition Plan + Snack Attack

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The package includes:

The ebook My first meals, on which you can find:

  • A complete menu with all meals from the first day of starting solids, for 3 full months, regardless of whether you feed ground or follow BLW.
  • The most important elements, which you should pay attention to every month.
  • Basic recipes.
  • Introducing allergenic foods into the menu.
  • Useful information on infant nutrition.

The “Monthly Diet Plan”, which you can follow after 9 months and includes:

  • 4 complete weekly nutrition menus for the whole family
  • 4 shopping lists for each week
  • Daily meal plan with 3 main meals (breakfast – lunch – dinner) and 2 snacks
  • Nutritious recipes suitable for young children and the whole family
  • Tips for storing and properly managing food
  • Information on children’s nutrition (tips for trying new foods, nutritional goals, etc.)

The book “Snack Attack”, in which you will find::

  • 80+ options for snacks, with easy combinations and simple recipes
  • nutrition labeling for specific nutrients (calories, protein, iron, calcium and fiber)
  • the “formula” to design your own balanced snacks
  • tips for the child’s participation in the kitchen
  • proposals of finished products
  • A special tab with love notes❤️, to print and place in the school tapestry.
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